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Mileage & Fees

Note: A Certified Check, Money Order, or Attorney’s Check are the only acceptable payment methods.  All fees and mileage must be paid in advance.


Mail Payments to:

Sheriff of Suffolk County



(631) 852-5600

Property Execution: Original and 6 copies; $15.00 filing fee, plus mileage


Bank or 3rd Party Levy: $15.00 additional fee (in advance), plus $30 for each person and 3 additional copies of the execution, if natural person, 1 exemption notice and 2 claim forms. Call for more information.


Property Levy: $600.00 Estimated Expenses for vehicle levy and $200.00 for business levy (in advance).

Real Property: Original and 7 (seven) copies of execution with Index#; attorney's cover letter; $15.00 filing fee, plus mileage; $1000.00 Estimated Expenses. CONTACT THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE FOR FORMAT OF ADDITIONAL FORMS REQUIRED. ADDITIONAL FEES MAY BE REQUIRED.


Income Execution: Original and 7 (seven) copies; $74.00 fee for 1st and 2nd stage service upon the debtor and the employer (if necessary).  Add an additional $2 fee if the employer is a municipality.


Service of Summons: 4 (four) copies and $15.00 for each person needing service plus mileage. For information on a Subpoena, additional copy required along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


Service of Notice Of Petition: 4 (four) copies and $30.00 for service, plus mileage. $15.00 for each additional tenant to be served.


Toll Statute, Only: $15.00 per defendant; 3 (three) copies per action; attorney's letter of instruction; SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE.


Eviction: Original and 6 (six) copies if one defendant; additional defendants (Including John Does) 3 copies each. $15.00 filing fee, plus mileage. $15.00 for 14-day notice for each defendant; $75.00 to enforce warrant plus mileage; $200.00 Expenses (in advance); landlord's telephone number or attorney's telephone number. LIST OF PROPERTY TO REMAIN ON PREMISES.


Warrant of Arrest: Original Order; Affirmation, Final Order, Affidavit of Service and Information Sheet filled out. Original and 3 (three) sets of copies; $45.00 filing fee plus mileage.


Commitment Order: 3 (three) certified copies; $45.00 filing fee plus mileage, $10.00 commitment fee to facility.


Order of Seizure: Original to be filed by attorney; 5 (five) certified copies per service; undertaking; attorney's letter of indemnification; attorney's affirmation; all supporting papers; Index Number; cover letter, $90.00 filing fee plus mileage, additional $40.00 if third party has property, $15.00 for service of order on defendant or person in possession, $15.00 for service of Summons and/or Complaint.


Order of Attachment: Original to be filed by attorney; 5 (five) certified copies per service; undertaking; attorney's letter of indemnification; attorney's affirmation; all supporting papers; Index Number; cover letter; $55.00 filing fee plus mileage; $40.00 for levy and each additional levy plus mileage, $15.00 for service of order on each defendant plus mileage, $15.00 for service of Summons and/or Complaint per defendant, $15.00 for filing description of property levied.


Order of Attachment

Real Property ONLY

1 - PARCEL - Attorney submits the following: 5 (five) certified copies of the Order (certified by attorney or court); attorney's affirmation; undertaking; attorney's letter of indemnification; all supporting papers; Index Numbers; cover letter; District, Section, Lot & Block numbers on front page of Order; SEE ABOVE FOR FEES, check payable to Sheriff; AND A CHECK PAYABLE TO THE SUFFOLK COUNTY CLERK FOR $220.00 AND ADD $200 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL PARCEL


Conveyance Deed: 2 original Deeds completed by an attorney; certified copy of Order; cover letter; $30.00 fee.


Poundage: 5 percent of first $250,000.00; and 3 percent upon the residue.


Order & Judgement: Original execution and 6 (six) copies; Certified copy of Order;$15.00 Filing Fee, plus mileage. Sheriff's poundage in advance.


Affidavit of Posting: $15.00 per Posting, plus mileage.

For a printable copy of the mileage and fee chart, please see the forms below: 

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