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Corrections Administrative Bureau

The Administrative Bureau has two main Sections, the Resource Management Section and the Records and Statistics Section.

The Resource Management Section has ten subdivisions. The responsibilities and functions of these units are detailed below. However, in addition to those responsibilities specific to each of these units, the Resource Management Section is charged with acting as a coordinator of all tasks associated with the acquiring, tracking, maintaining, and safeguarding of the Correction Division’s assets, be they staff or inmate related, financial or material. The Resource Management Section ensures that the Division’s acquisitions are completed in the most fiscally prudent and responsible manner possible. These supplemental tasks include, but are not limited to:
• Each Section of the Correction Division is responsible for developing a budget request that reflects its operational needs for the following year. These budget requests are submitted to the Resource Management Section for compilation and coordination.
• The Resource Management Section is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and administering a comprehensive set of procedural guidelines for the Division that will ensure the fulfillment of our fiduciary duties related to the safeguarding and expenditure of inmate funds. The Resource Management Section works with the Suffolk County Comptroller to implement recommendations and revised accounting procedures.
• Coordinate the efforts of all units that have any responsibilities related to the finances and assets of inmates.
• Ensure that the Correction Division’s actions associated with managing its financial and material assets are consistent with sound business practices and our responsibilities as mandated by the various laws and jurisdictions under which we must operate.
• The Resource Management Section coordinates and schedules appointments for video conferencing between the Courts, attorneys, and inmates.
• The Sheriff’s Office works with the Suffolk County Child Support Enforcement Bureau (CSEB) to identify inmates in our custody in arrears on their child support obligations, hold any funds available, and forward to the court upon receipt of an appropriate order.
• The Resource Management Section’s responsibilities also include the coordination and supervision of the Information Technologies Section.
o Asset Management Unit
The Asset Management Unit is responsible for coordinating and assembling the yearly operating budgets in preparation for their submittal to the Sheriff’s Office Accounting Section.
o Commissary Unit
The Commissary Unit is responsible for distributing items purchased through inmate funds.
o Compliance Inmate Unit
The Compliance Inspection Unit is responsible for ensuring that the Sheriff’s Office Correctional Facilities comply with all applicable rules and regulations.
o Disciplinary Processing Unit
The Disciplinary Processing Unit investigates allegations of inmate misconduct to determine whether charges of inmate misconduct are substantiated and, if so, to discipline the guilty party by standards set forth to punish misbehavior fairly, impartially, and consistently.
o Fire Safety and Inspections Unit
The Fire Safety and Inspections Unit is responsible for ensuring compliance with fire and life safety codes that protect the staff and inmates in the correctional facilities.
o Grievance Unit
The Grievance Processing Unit is responsible for the practical, fair, and timely resolution of inmate complaints.
o Inmate Accounts Unit
The Inmate Accounts Unit is responsible for maintaining prisoner-related bank accounts and their corresponding monthly bank reconciliation.
o Integrated Systems Unit
The Integrated Systems Unit provides coordination and resolution of technical support issues associated with the correctional facility software and security system, the video conferencing system, and the drone detection system.
o Operations and Procedures Unit
The primary responsibility of the Operations and Procedures Unit is the production of and guardianship of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Operations and Procedures Guide. The Operations and Procedures Unit is also responsible for updating and maintaining the inmate handbook containing Correctional Facility rules and regulations detailing acceptable behavior and appropriate discipline for life in the facilities.
o OSHA Compliance Unit
This Unit maintains pertinent information on all chemicals used and stored within the two facilities and maintains and distributes OSHA related equipment.
The Records and Statistics Section consists of three subdivisions. The Section performs numerous duties for the Sheriff’s Office, the vast majority of which concern handling and processing court documents relating to the lawful commitment, discharge, and inmates’ movement to courts and outside agencies.
o Records Unit
The Records Unit processes all admissions and discharges, coordinates all court and transfer movements with both divisions of the Sheriff’s Office, and reviews and interprets all court documents. The Records Unit is the center of inmate information and is involved in compiling, processing, and disseminating this information throughout our office and outside agencies.
o Writ Control Unit
The Writ Control Unit tracks and prepares paperwork for the take-out and return of any inmate ordered produced in Suffolk County on a Writ of Habeas Corpus and for Suffolk County inmates court-ordered to other jurisdictions in New York State. This Unit also prepares the paperwork associated with processing State-ready inmates
o Documents Management Unit
The Document Management Unit is responsible for storing and managing all inactive records generated by the Records and Statistics Section.

Corrections Administrative Bureau
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