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Income Execution | Wage Garnishment

An income execution is a type of levy that may be issued against your wages if you fail to resolve your tax debt. It is a legal order that requires you or your employer to pay a portion of your gross wages for taxes you owe from your paycheck/salary. Issued by the NYS Courts, New York State will ask you to voluntarily pay up to 10% of your gross wages each time you're paid. If you don’t make voluntary payments, they will have your employer automatically deduct up to 10% of your gross wages from your paycheck and send it to us. The income execution remains in effect until the outstanding tax liability is satisfied.

If you fail to resolve your tax debt, New York State may proceed with collection action by issuing an income execution. They may file a tax warrant before or after we issue the income execution. First, they will send the income execution to the address on file for you (click here to change your address & update your personal information if needed.)

Generally, to comply with the income execution, you must:

  • You are required to make the first payment within 20 days of receiving the notice.

  • By law, wage deductions can't exceed ten percent: (10%) of gross income, or twenty five percent (25%) of disposable earnings.

  • You must make payments each time you get paid, whether that's weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

  • If you don't pay the required amount, your employer must deduct the money from your wages.

How to remove an income execution:

  • Pay the bill in full.

For more information on income execution and wage garnishments, please visit the New York State Website.

For driving directions to the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Civil Enforcement Bureau, click here.

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