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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Established in November 2000, Employee Benefits is an Administrative Section overseen by the Employee Relations Director to execute the personnel and human resource functions of the Sheriff’s Office and assist in implementing Office policy related to personnel issues. Personnel files for all current and former employees are maintained in this office according to the Sheriff’s guidelines. The Employee Relations Director assists in representing the Sheriff at contract negotiations, grievance and arbitration hearings and labor management meetings. The Director oversees the implementation of the terms and conditions of all the Sheriff’s Office employee contracts.

The Employee Benefits Section administers all benefits for employees as negotiated by the three bargaining units within the Sheriff’s Office: the Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees, the Suffolk County Correction Officers Association, and the Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs Police Benevolent Association. All enrollments and changes in employee benefits, such as health insurance, benefit fund, life insurance and the retirement system are processed to keep all Sheriff’s Office employees benefits up to date. Prospective retirees receive pension estimates and benefit information to prepare them for retirement. All employment verification requests are certified and employees are assisted and advised regarding any problems encountered with their benefit providers. Beneficiary, marital, family, and address changes are routinely processed by the Employee Benefits Section. Compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act is also monitored and ensured. Employee benefit information is provided in a seminar format to each group of new and prospective Deputy Sheriff and Correction Officer candidates. Canvassing, interviewing, and participating in the selection process to fill vacant civilian positions are all a part of fulfilling the duties of the Employee Benefits Section.

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