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Personnel/ Payroll

Personnel/ Payroll

The primary mission of the Payroll/Personnel Bureau is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and in a timely fashion. In 2019, the Payroll/Personnel staff consisted of 7 full time Civilians, 3 of which are new to the Payroll/Personnel Bureau. The Payroll/Personnel staff prepared and distributed 21 special and 26 bi-weekly payrolls totaling to $1.73 Million and paid, on average, 1,297 employees in 2019. The Sheriff’s Office is composed of employees in the following bargaining units: the Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff’s Benevolent Association, the Suffolk County Correction Officers Association, the Association of Municipal Employees, as well as Bargaining Unit 21 which includes all Management Personnel.

The Payroll/Personnel Bureau is responsible for maintaining the Sheriff’s Office Position Control pursuant to Civil Service Rules and Regulations, implementing all salary changes for current employees that may take place due to assignment/shift changes or promotions, processing all new hires on the on the County Payroll System, PPS, as well as processing all the employees who separate from service. Processing these separations involves pro-rating accruals, as well as pre-auditing six years of time and accruals to be paid out. This information is then sent the Suffolk County Department of Audit & Control for final audit and approval of accrual payouts.

In addition, the Payroll/Personnel Staff is responsible for validating leave taken, tracking donated accruals, military time, half pay eligibility and usage, checking attendance rosters, overtime payments, computing accruals, running regular and special payrolls, employment verifications, reporting wages to the New York State Employees Retirement System, as well as, maintaining a personnel/payroll file on each employee, where all paperwork is scanned and retained on the Sheriff’s Office confidential servers.

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