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Personnel Investigations Bureau

Personnel Investigations Bureau

The Personnel Investigations Section is responsible for conducting confidential background investigations on all employee candidates for the Sheriff’s Office. In addition to Sheriff’s Office employees, i.e. Deputy Sheriffs, Correction Officers and civilians, this section also investigates all other county employees, volunteers, interns, etc. who enter the Correctional Facility. We also do investigations for employee candidates for other departments.

Depending upon the position an individual is being investigated for, inquiries are sent to all, or some, of the following, as applicable: numerous police agencies, New York State Department of Mental Health, military, schools and past employers. F.B.I. and D.C.J.S. fingerprints are also taken for each individual. We additionally make an internal inquiry, within our agency, on all individuals being investigated. The internal inquiry consists of a record check, within the various sections of our Office, i.e., Radio Room, B.C.I., Record Room, Civil Bureau and Internal Affairs. For Deputy Sheriff and Correction Officer candidates an enormous amount of time (clerical and investigative) is spent preparing for and holding seminars, as well as conducting the background investigations. Numerous interviews, i.e. employers, neighbors, spouse, family, etc. are conducted regarding candidates for these positions. A limited background investigation is provided for all other individuals.

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