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The Quartermaster Bureau is responsible for the issuance and inventory maintenance of uniform items and assorted equipment for approximately 1,200 employees of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. In addition, responsibilities include the preparation of hundreds of requests for the purchase of thousands of pieces of equipment and uniform items yearly.

There are five units within the Quartermaster Bureau. Although these units function integrally with each other, their procedures and concerns are uniquely different.

Uniform and Police Equipment Unit - Orders, stocks and distributes all uniform and police equipment items to Sheriff's Office uniformed personnel.

Property Unit - Responsible for property that is for safekeeping or destruction in accordance with New York State Law.
This unit secures/disposes of non-county owned property that must be held by the Sheriff's Office under the law. This property consists of:
A) Illegal firearms (handguns, rifles, shotguns), knives, pornography, dangerous instruments, drug paraphernalia, and fireworks.
B) Personal property received from the owner as a self-surrender.
C) Found and/or confiscated property from police agencies, estates, and warrants of evictions.

Office Supply Unit - A uniformed officer is assigned to order, stock and distribute office supplies for use through-out the Sheriff's Office.

Forms Supply Unit - Coordinates form ordering and distribution while acting as the central controlling unit which synchronizes the Sheriff's Office with General Services.

Inventory Control Unit - Responsible for the accounting of all inventoried items under its domain.

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