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Sheriff Toulon Celebrates Women's History Month

· Row 1 Left to Right

o Jeanine Driscoll- Receiver of Taxes Town of Hempstead

o Elizabeth Treston- City Council Member Long Beach

o Judi Bosworth- North Hempstead Town Supervisor

o Karen McInnis- Vice President City Council Long Beach

o Laura Maier- Councilwoman Town of Oyster Bay

o Kate Murray- Hempstead Town Clerk

o Mariann Dalimonte-Councilwoman Town of North Hempstead

o Maureen Basdavanos- Deputy Mayor City of Glen Cove

o Michele Johnson- Oyster Bay Town Councilwoman

o Veronica Lurvey- North Hempstead Town Councilwoman

· Row 2

o Donna Gaydon- Long Beach City Manager

o Dorothy Goosby- Town of Hempstead Councilwoman

o Trish Bergin-Weichbradt- Town of Islip Councilwoman

o Rhoda Fox Graves- First woman to serve in the New York State Senate

o Mary Lilly- One of the first two New York assemblywomen, 7th District

o Ida B. Sammis- One of the first two New York assemblywomen, 2nd District

o Valerie Cartright- Brookhaven Town Councilwoman

o Viviana Russel- North Hempstead Town Councilwoman

o Vicki Walsh- Town of Oyster Bay Councilwoman

o Debra Mulé- Nassau Cunty Legislator D-5

· Row 3

o Helen Rosenblum- Shelter Island Town Justice

o Hon. Andrea Harum Schiavoni- Suffolk County Family Court Judge

o Sundy Schermeyer- Southampton Town Clerk

o Sarah Anker- Suffolk County Legislator D-6

o Patricia Acampora- Former NYS Assemblywoman 1st assembly district

o Victoria Gumbs-Moore- Current and first black Suffolk County Family Court Judge

o Susan McGraw Keber- East Hampton Town Trustee

o Sylvia Overby- East Hampton Town Councilwoman

o Theresa Kiernan- Southampton Town Receiver of Taxes

o Siela Bynoe- Nassau County Legislator D-2

· Row 4

o Sarah Nappa- Southold Town Councilwoman

o Olga Murray- Islip Town Clerk

o Mary Faith Westervelt- Shelter Island Town Justice

o Kara Hahn- Suffolk County Legislator D-5

o Susan Berland- Suffolk County Legislator D-16

o Bridgette Fleming- Suffolk County Legislator D-2

o Lisa Rana- East Hampton Town Justice

o Lynne Nowick- Smithtown Town Councilwoman

o Mary Kate Mullen- Islip Town Councilwoman

o Denise Ford- Nassau County Legislator D-4

· Row 5

o Jillian Guthman- Huntington Town Receiver of Taxes

o Jill Doherty- Southold Town Supervisor

o Donna Lent- Brookhaven Town Clerk

o Kimberly Jean-Pierre Assemblywoman 11th Disctrict

o Kristin Gillibrand- United States Senator for New York

o Monica Martinez- NYS Senator 3rd Senate District

o Rose Caracappa- Former Suffolk County Legislator

o Katherine Burke-Gonzalez- East Hampton Town Councilwoman

o Lisa Inzerillo- Smithtown Town Councilwoman

o Delia Deriggi-Whitton- Nassau County Legislator D-11

· Row 6

o Elizabeth Neville- Southold Town Clerk

o Geraldine “Gerry” Compitello- Babylon Town Clerk

o Jacqueline Gordon- Babylon Town Councilwoman

o Letitia James- NYS Attorney General

o Judy Pascale- Suffolk County Clerk

o Leslie Kennedy- Suffolk County Legislator D12

o Joan Cergol- Huntington Town Councilwoman

o Judith Lechmanski- Town Assessor Town of Shelter Island

o Julie Lofstad- Southampton Town Councilwoman

o Ellen Birnbaum- Nassau County Legislator D-10

· Row 7

o Amber Brach Williams- Shelter Island Town Councilwoman

o Angie Carpenter- Islip Town Supervisor

o Alexis Weik- Islip Town Receiver of Taxes

o Judith Hope- Former East Hampton Town Supervisor

o Jane Devine- Former Suffolk County Legislator D-17

o Tracey Edwards- Former Huntington Town Councilwoman

o Louisa Evans- Southold Town Supervisor

o Jodi Giglio- Riverhead Town Councilwoman

o Deborah Kooperstein- Southampton Town Justice

o Judy Griffin- Assemblywoman 21st District

· Row 8

o Ann Welker- Southampton Town Trustee

o AnnMarie Seddio- Shelter Island Tax Receiver

o Jeanna Nielsen- Town Assessor Town of East Hampton

o Barbara Wilson- Southampton Town Justice

o Catherine Kent- Riverhead Town Councilwoman

o Jane Bonner- Brookhaven Town Councilwoman

o Carole Brennan- East Hampton Town Clerk

o Corinne DiSomma- Babylon Town Receiver of Taxes

o Deanna Varrichio- Town of Smithtown Receiver of Taxes

o Yvette Aguiar- Riverhead Town Supervisor

· Row 9

o Rose Marie Walker-Nassau County Legislator D-17

o Michelle Solages- Assemblywoman 22nd District

o Taylor Darling- Assemblywoman 18th District

o Kathleen Rice- United States Congresswoman 4th District

o Laura Curran- Nassau County Legislator

o Madeline Singas- Nassau County District Attorney

o Anna Kaplan- NYS Senator 7th District

o Melissa Miller- Assemblywoman 20th District

o Maureen O’Connell- Nassau County Clerk

o Laura Schaefer- Nassau County Legislator D-14

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