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Substance Abuse and Vaping Presentations

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Since taking office in January 2018, Sheriff Toulon has made it a priority to visit with students and school officials to determine how the Sheriff’s Office could assist with programming and training to improve outcomes for youth in Suffolk County. The opioid epidemic, combined with an increase in marijuana use and vaping, were common concerns raised during his meetings.

Drug use can often be an underlying cause of aggressive behavior in students and can result in other kinds of conduct -- and over time, poor grades and symptoms of depression or euphoria. School personnel may not equate certain behaviors with drug use or may not know the signs to look for when evaluating behavioral issues.

The Sheriff’s Office has officers that provide training to students and school staff. These new programs teach basic education on vaping, drugs, opioid, and alcohol use, as well as diagnostic steps for assessing impairment and strategies to respond to drug and alcohol-induced situations.



Addictive Drug Effects on the Brain: Approximately 1-hour in length, this program, geared for middle and high school students, talks about the long-term effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain.

Drug Awareness for School Nurses: This 4-hour program teaches school nurses signs and symptoms of drug impairment and how certain drug reactions can mimic certain medical issues. The presentation goes into greater detail explaining the 7 drug categories, current trends in drug and alcohol use, and how to assess impairment. ​

Vaping: For students, school faculty, and parents, this 45-minute presentation reviews the various vaping devices, what is actually in them, and how they can affect the mind and body. This presentation also shows parents and educators what to look for and signs of possible youth vaping.

Please use the Community Program Request Form to request this program.

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