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Waiting Package Scam

Waiting Package Scam

This is a phishing scam that has been occurring recently. People have been receiving a text message stating that there is a package that is waiting for them and to click the link to arrange delivery. While this sounds innocent, there is no package and the link directs the user to a page that tricks him/her into giving personal information.

A good rule of thumb is that when in doubt, contact the company using a phone number or email that you know is legit. Do not use the information in the text message.

Some users report this scam to be happening as students return to college. The text says that a package has been waiting for them since they abruptly left last spring. Remember, if you get an unexpected text message about a package, don’t click on any links.

To report fishing scams, forward it to SPAM (7726), and then report it to the FTC at

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